Ever wondered why adminp treats a deletion the same as a rename when you have set the Administration Server Action to Modify all Names fields?

Well, I did. I can imagine why a rename should be performed on all mail and calendar items, but a user deletion?????? Why you want that to happen at all? Why remove the evidence that someone have sent me an email or have sent me a meeting request? It doesn’t make sense at all to me.

That’s why I was searching for a way to tell Domino not to delete users in names fields, just renames when using adminp in maildatabases. And there it is, the solution.




Those 2 mentioned notes.ini parameter allows an administrator to skip the deletion of names from NAMES fields during reader author processing on databases that were configured to modify names fields. Overall it is intended to skip deletions from NAMES Items.  

– Reader/Author Security Field Items
– And/or “Names” items.

Adminp task restart (tell adminp restart) is needed to have the notes.ini parameter to be effective.

THAT’S WHY I LOVE DOMINO….for every problem there is a notes.ini setting !!!

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