Personal Information

My name is Remco Angioni, born in Zwolle The Netherlands on may 5th 1968.

I am now working for the best IBM business partner: e-office.

My career in the IT started with my own company Marego Productions building a module based accountant software, named COMPAS, for the accountant office and its customers.
In those days this was revolutionary and was sold good. But, not being happy at my position, i left the company and handed it over to my business partner. It still exists and still proud of it.

Not willing to be unemployed i became a cook in a Italian restaurant “La Liguria“, located in Zwolle.

But….my blood screamed for computers and bit / bytes. So after 6 years being away from the IT, i came back into the IT as a servicedesk employee, willing to learn everything.
In the next years i improved my knowledge, and the person in me, to become a IBM software consultant.

I started with OS/2 Warp 4 and 5 servers and IBM Lotus Notes 3. In those days the server was still called IBM Notes Server.
From the beginning i was in love with the IBM software and its simplicity how it was build. It’s semi open source. YEAH !

I am working 22 years with IBM software !   🙂

Now, after so many years, my skills are improved and specialized into several components of the IBM software portofolio. Most of them now belong to HCL.

IBM Champion ICS 2017-2019
HCL Master 2019
HCL Ambassador 2020-2023

My specialized skills are:

IBM Notes/Domino
IBM WebSphere
IBM Connections
IBM Chat
IBM License Metric Tool
IBM Verse
IBM Connections Cloud in a hybride environment IBM Cloud.
Apache Load Balancers and PaceMaker for clustering IP/Resources.

And of course:

PHP development
MySQL Administration
MongoDB  Administration


Linux RedHat
Linux CentOS
Windows    ( hahahaha, just kidding. I don’t have the specialized knowledge, but can deal with it during installation of IBM software )

Now learning and gaining knowledge:

IBM Watson Analytics
IBM Watson Explorer

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