As a Linux specialist, rsync is a tool we use a lot during migrations or in application clusters like Pacemaker. In Windows we normally use ROBOCOPY in order to copy data between locations. It’s an old one, but still working (almost) perfectly. But if you know ROBOCOPY, it cannot sync open files and it copies the entire file over and over again when it has changed.

This week i noticed a product “bvckup 2” which is introduced as “Data mirroring & replication, Beyond robocopy“. Well, after checking it……it really is beyond robocopy.

Copy technique
bvckup 2 addresses delta copying for larger files, that means only the modified blocks are synced and not the entire file. This will speed up the sync process.

Moving files
When you move a file between folders at the source, bvckup 2 recognizes it and simply performs a move on the destination. No file is copied at all, unless you have changed it and then it performs a sync afterwards on block-level.

And there is so much more to write about, but these are the things that popped as the most import ones for me.

This tool stores the destination cache on the source as a snapshot, so it doesn’t have to scan the entire destination over and over again. It will only send over the changes from the destination to the sources snapshot.

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