Every time you edit a file using the Edit On Desktop feature, a popup appears. You can check the option “Don’t show this message again”, but when you choose another file, it’s popping up again. And of course, when you clear your browser data including the cookies, the entire process starts from the beginning.

After some investigation we came up with this solution in Connections 5.5 and still works in 6.5CR1. There is a option inside files-config.xml for manipulating this popup, but it never can be disabled entirely. The option only disables the download link:
<clientDownloadLink enabled=”false”

Put the following 3 lines in your httpd.conf inside the VirtualHost directive to completely disable the popup.

#EditOnDesktop popup suppression    

SetEnvIf Cookie "com.ibm.ic.share.fileviewer.skipRoundTripDialog=(.*)" HAVE_editondesktop_cookie=1

RequestHeader append Cookie "com.ibm.ic.share.fileviewer.skipRoundTripDialog=true; path=/;" env=!HAVE_editondesktop_cookie

Header append Set-Cookie "com.ibm.ic.share.fileviewer.skipRoundTripDialog=true; path=/;" env=!HAVE_editondesktop_cookie

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