Without replacing the “old” HCL Notes client, HCL introduced a new client. HCL Nomad Web will work from within your browser as it is the Notes Client. A download less then 100MB will be enough to start the client.
Still works with your notes.id in the Vault and uses all Domino security layers. Secure like before !! And with the upcoming 2FA ( MFA ) starting with HCL Domino V12, it’s clear….we are ready for it.

We have to test if HCL Nomad Web will work for our customers ( without any doubts: it will ). It would be so nice it we could use this client instead of the eclipse variant. HCL Nomad Web is based on the Notes BASIC client, but has been evolved like never before. Getting all the things done without eclipse.

The best part is that you can download an instance and create a desktop-app from it. Not once, but several times. Even Sametime will work this way. And even better, they interact between each other. They are aware of each other existence.

How does it all work? Like HCL Nomad for iOS and Android, you can use the desktop-browser to open the client. Like you can see in the picture below, you only have to install a HCL Nomad Web Proxy in your DMZ between Domino and the internet.

I think this solution will change the world we are living in.

Microsoft, eat your heart out !!

I am so ready for it !!

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By angioni

7 thoughts on “HCL Nomad Web, the new client for HCL Domino”
  1. Wow Wow Woooow HCL is making Notes future proof where IBM has always neglected this amazing software.

    But is this not like Notes webplugin v1.0.1 😛

  2. Do you know when the first beta will be available?

    I have at least 3 Notes-Domino customers very interested in participating in the first beta …. in order to may access to Notes Native Application using browsers


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