1. New 404 error handlers are not working at all. Domcfg.nsf reverted back to the default handler.
2. We renamed a working 404 error handler (by url) and created a new one, with exactly the same config. New one didn’t work at all.

For this, we opened a CASE @HCL: “CS0055205 Domcfg Error mapping is not working with newly created documents. The old ones still work.”

It took a while but they found the problem:

The code has a limit of 32 entries of the view $(ErrorMessages) in domcfg.nsf, this is causing the issue. You can see it in the designer, <website> is the second to last entry( in hidden view $(ErrorMessages)) ,so we never read it into memory and never find it, the view had 39 entries. So, we documented this issue in SPR PKURBLAMMW & with this hotfix ,we made a code change to fix this issue.

Now it’s working again !!!

Thanks to HCL Support for the fix.

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