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in Domino - 11 Nov, 2018
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IBM VOP 1.0.5IF1

For those who installed VOP1.0.5, loading the INBOX wasn’t working anymore. Seems there was a bug in the 1.0.5 release.

But after installing the IF1, it’s up and running again. All the new features are working nice. I enabled the Gravatar option and you can see the results. It’s working perfectly.

But what i really need is to have a Gravatar like database on my Domino server where i can save all the personel pictures and show them in the IBM Verse interface. Gravatar is nice, but for some of my customers it’s a NOGO because they cannot enter internet from that LAN, and not everyone has a Gravatar. So a Gravatar like database would be perfect where the company can store their personel pictures, and not in the Domino directory itself because this one can be replicated onto other servers and sometimes on laptops. Because of the GDPR it’s not allowed at all.

To enable the Gravatar option, add the following line into your Domino servers’ notes.ini:


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